Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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(Townseed Pre-Revision Build)

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I had this incredibly pressured feeling doing this update, since it's the last one before the end of the 8bit funding campaign, but ultimately there's no sense stressing out over it, so here we go.

The world map has been implemented. Unlike in the pre-revision release, you can access the world map from both overworld and local view by pressing the Escape key, meaning you can check your location from the local view without having to exit to the overworld. It has a nice, soft-edged fog of war on it now too, instead of the chunky rectangle that was there before. You'll be given an on-screen prompt to save and quit from this screen. I will further refine this to reduce the risk of accidentally quitting the game.

Hit detection in local view has been implemented, and it's been restructured so that the work system will function through it instead of the bizarre peripheral workaround I had before. This means I'll be able to do interesting things like having the player take down multiple obstacles at once, should I decide to go that route.  You can still walk over water but that'll be my next thing. On a similar note, the time-of-day water shining has been added to local view. Water shining has been added to Marsh terrain in both views. Color-blending on local area tiles is in place for most commonly-adjacent terrain types.

That's it for now. I will be posting an update on Wednesday this week (probably not a new build) to let people know what it will mean for Townseed moving forward that I haven't hit the funding goal. Don't worry, it's not that bad :)


  1. Just curious, have you tried putting it up on kickstarter instead? Your game is really interesting and unique and it seems to be that it just isn't getting a whole lot of coverage. I know there are people who just browse kickstarter looking for projects that may be worthwhile to fund and just find it through there since it is so popular (I have).

    You could also try posting yourself on the Bay 12 Forums/ Dwarf Fortress forums; the community is great and they are genuinely interested in games similar to yours! If you posted as the creator and talked to them, I'm sure they would help you. Alternatively, you can try posting in reddit's r/gaming section.

    Whatever you choose though, know that there are plenty of people looking forward to this game. It just needs more exposure.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, but Canadians can't put projects on Kickstarter. That was teh first thing I tried when I started all of this!

    And thank you for the suggestions regarding the forums, I'm always keeping my eyes open for that.

    Thank you for the encouragement as well. It's good to know people are interested in what I am doing!