Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Townseed Revision Progress

Figuring out pixel shaders, parceling out code, converting text items to icons, dealing with computer viruses, establishing Townseed as a legal business, still doing contract work - there is an awful lot going on, but you all deserve to see how the revision is going.

Note that this does NOT have all the same functionality as version 0.10. This is very much a work in progress (as Townseed has been all along I suppose) Because of the way I am simplifying the code, some items can be ported over easily from the old version (such as the portrait drawing routines) and some items need to be redone wholly (such as the world generation code and the exploration mode).
Think of this version as a visual demo. You cannot save or load characters and worlds presently, but you can see the new character creation interface, the intro cinematic, and the night/day cycle (at an accelerated clock for observational purposes) complete with some nifty pixel shaders.

Crashing is possible when wandering too close to the edges of the world. There is no collision detection yet so you can wander freely over all terrain for the time being.

That's it for now! Things should hopefully be calming down soon, and I will continue porting and improving features from the old version to get the functionality to where it was and beyond.

Here is the link to try it out - TOWNSEED REVISION 01

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  1. Keep up the amazing work. :D Can't wait to see this grow