Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Townseed moving forward

First, I want to thank everybody who contributed to the project and preordered. You guys are awesome.

As you can see, the funding period for Townseed has now expired, and we didn't meet the goal. I just wanted to take a minute and explain what that will mean for the project.

First and foremost, it means that I will have to continue working on the project part-time for the forseeable future. I have applied for some small-business startup funding that might change that, but that's still up in the air and I'm not counting that chicken till it's hatched. This means that updates will progress at more or less the same rate they have been, rather than accelerating as I had hoped. Certainly not the end of the world.

Secondly, it means that I do not have a budget for sound design and music, so I am going to have to look at more cost-effective solutions for that end of things, at least for the time being.

Now for those of you worrying that I have ZERO funding, don't worry, I still have access to most of the funds that were raised. 8Bit Funding and Paypal both took their cut, which amounts to about 10%, or $600. I have been spending some of the funds on advertising as the campaign progressed, which has eaten up about $1400 worth since the start of the campaign. This means that of the $6000 pledged, about $4000 of it is still available to me.

With the leftover funds, my first priority is getting your preorder bonuses out to you. People whose bonuses included gamepads and canvas prints will be my first priority, as I have to work with a local print shop to have those put together. I will send those out as SOON AS THEY ARE READY, so you won't have to wait for the game to be finished before you see them.

I will also be using it for setting up a dedicated site for the game at where you'll be able to continue to buy preorders and download the latest builds, and I intend to use it as the main hub for updates and info on the game.That said, I will continue to post update notifications here, even if I am linking elsewhere for specifics.

After that, what's left of the funds goes to supporting my time spent on development.

I've learned an awful lot in the few months since I started this campaign, and the amount of support I've received has been truly humbling. Thank you all so much.

I will continue to update on mondays (Sometimes very LATE on monday) so you'll be hearing from me soon. There might not be a new build this week due to getting the other stuff sorted out, but we shall see!


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  2. Sorry to see that the project was unable to meet its funding goal on 8-bit, and that the 8-bit site itself appears to be kaput.

    I am certain that you'll not be too disheartened by this, and keep working on making Townseed the success we all know it will be.

    Best wishes and good luck!