Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Townseed is an action/strategy game that has you leading a humble survivor from his first half-drowned steps on a forlorn beach to taming a cruel foreign land and leading a great nation.

With feral vampires lurking just beyond the reaches of night time torchlight, sprawling ruins of an ancient kingdom buried beneath the soil, unsettlingly devilish native tribes, and dangerous raw magic drifting through the air, survival is no small task.

Will you search the continent alone for the perfect place to put down roots, or will you make the best of your immediate area?

Build out in the open near a source of water, or perhaps a defensible cliffside settlement, maybe a forest town with ready access to raw materials and food.

Keep a large team of laborers for rapid expansion, or promote them to various specialist positions to improve their efficiency and quality of life?

Will you spend your time developing agriculture, clearing pastures and taming beasts, or will you have your people forage while you plunder the ruins for morsels of ancient magic and technology?

Respect the customs of the native tribes and strive to understand them, or crush them under the heel of your militant boot?

Be it digging up blocks of sod to make your first rickety shelter, or directing a team of artisans to construct a grand cathedral to your design, for better or for worse, you have control of how your town develops. The fate of the survivors is in your hands.

 An early graphics example of the Townseed overworld.