Monday, July 23, 2012

Revision Progress 03

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I was going to wait until later in the day to post this update, but a mighty electrical storm is brewing, so after backing up all my working files onto an external and not-connected-to-any-power drive, I'm preparing an update with what I've got now.

Added crazy-fast debug dashing to both local and Regional view. Press the tilde ~ to enable it.

A new, sexier-than-before minimap for local mode. You can now see the position of the map update in real time instead of the "Block at a time" method it used before.

Further improved water glittering, because I love how it sparkles.. so hypnotic..

Local exploration routines have been reconstructed and simplified, which was the bulk of the work this week, and are now being assembled in a single pass instead of from a multi-pass as was the case for the old version (whuhoo!) this should mean an overall smoother ride for the PC. I'm still in the process of instituting the color blending for local tiles, and you won't see the player in the local view yet.

The Local view is the part that is most important, and the area that was giving me trouble in the old version. Laying out the code with foreknowledge of what I'll be doing with it helps me to construct it in a way that will be straightforward for future developments.

In other news, this is the last full week of the 8-Bit funding campaign. If you wanna get in on any of the bonuses I have listed up there, now's the time!

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