Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Sitrep

I've been very quiet lately so I wanted to let everybody in on what's going on. The side project I took on in the spring is running quite a bit longer than I had expected, so I'm still working on that for the time being, and I will be returning to Townseed development as soon as it is finished. I am very much looking forward to getting back into it.

In regards to the development of Townseed itself, I've made the decision to do another revision. As some of you may be aware, Townseed has been developed thus far in XNA. XNA has, however, moved into the realm of an unsupported platform. That is, microsoft will no longer be updating it, there will be no new versions, and no active support. My plan was initially to keep pushing ahead with XNA development regardless, but the side project I'm doing now has given me very thorough training in Unity development, which is active, updated, robust, and generally a nicer platform to work with, and I've decided to port Townseed's development to Unity.

This promises to make both multiplayer and multiplatform support HEAPS easier to deal with, which is exciting for me, and generally, Unity development is friendlier, more visual and less abstract. I will also be focusing on the multiplayer aspect at a very low level of development, so we're going to start having multiplayer test builds once that gets rolling.

So, I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting so long and sorry for keeping you in the dark. That's where things sit at the moment!