Monday, June 11, 2012

Townseed Build 0.10

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Another busy week for me. I had a big press release go out, which was awesome, did a few interviews for some local publications (I was in the newspaper, yaaaaay) and a podcast in Florida ( ). Coming up on the end of the funding drive in just a few weeks now, and I'm making preparations to full-swing into development soon. There's a lot of paperwork and such to take care of, making sure I'm registered as a local business and such, but it's all happening, slowly and surely.

The update this week is a few "Maybe?" bug fixes, namely for the "Instant tree kill" bug and the "Fragile construction" bug. I -think- that they're both being caused by the same issue, and I -think- that I have it taken care of now, but neither bug occurs on my sistem so it's hard to tell without your input.

Additionally, the first vestiges of the crafting (Not construction) system are in place now. A use for those workstations you've been making dozens of!  You can now place crafting blueprints onto a workstation and then work them to refine lumber. You can clear workstations, or just put new plans down instead. In this way, you can set up a bunch of workstations and assign your citizens to each make a different kind of resource.

The next update is going to include some pretty serious overhauls to some of the backend as I prepare the game to accept the sweet, sweet loving of screen shaders, and lay the basic foundations for more modular (Re: Multiplayer-friendly) code. This will also enable me to simplify things such as key rebinding, an auto-update feature (hopefully) and I'll be implementing a time-of-day system in conjunction with the shaders. As a result, next week's update may be purely visual, but we'll see what I can get done!

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  1. I think the "Fragile construction" bug is fixed. It does no longer happen to me.

    1. That's good news! Thanks for the update.

  2. First time trying this. Shows a ton of potential, but is constantly crashing. I'm playing from a Windows 7 laptop, though I don't think that's entirely the issue. Probably just stability

    Usually Crashes at:
    when you cut down a tree
    The moment you finish building
    having the menu (Q) open too long

    1. Also on a Win7 Laptop, but I have none of the issues you've mentioned. I've never had the game crash under any circumstances, in fact. Have you made sure all your drivers are up to date and you have the latest version of Java, general stuff like that?

    2. Try what Mephrum suggested, update all your graphical and audio drivers, then try this -

      It's the XNA runtime as a standalone file.

      After you do all that try Townseed again.