Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some musings

Wanted to take a moment to thank the folks who are really throwing themselves behind this project. You guys inspire me to work through all the frustration and it's awesome, love you guys! Also wanted to thank the guy who says "Gay" on facebook. Your maturity inspires me to be a better person. So, since I'm doing an overall code revision right now I figured it's time to tackle some of those small but irritating problems we were running into before. For example, remember how the text entry for your character's name and signposts was a bit.. shall we say sluggish? You'd have to type slowly and deliberately to get it to capture everything. Well no more! Got a nice proper text input routine, so all that should be ancient history. We can also now change graphical settings without restarting the game, including use of the much-beloved ALT-ENTER fullscreen toggle. Also implementing an across-the-board F1 context help instead of an always-on control HUD. Overall, I'm taking the time to make sure that the next version of Townseed you guys see is smoother, leaner, more professional.

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