Monday, June 4, 2012

Townseed 0.09

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This has been a really busy week for me dealing with a contract that's come in, and especially since coming off of crush week, it feels paltry, but here it is. Not a lot of new content but a lot of bugfixes. I don't know just what I have to thank, but the funding drive spiked a bit this past weekend, which is exciting to see. I've got some press releases going out later as well. All in all things are looking exciting for the game! This update is mostly bugfixes and a few cosmetic things, change to resource requirements.

Incomplete blueprints can no longer be "Destroyed". They can only be removed through "Remove blueprint" as intended.

A bug that would cause Townseed to crash when walking diagonally across area borders has been fixed.

A bug that causes trees cut within a few frames of another to be instantly destroyed has been fixed. (I think)

A bug that causes construction to be immediately destroyed when completing it is fixed. (I think)

The player can no longer sprint across deep water!

Women now have the gamut of hairstyles for their sprites.

The resources required for most construction have been reduced.


  1. Found a bug where I got +/-60,000 taiga lumber after cutting down just a few tree clumps. Not sure when or how that happened. Can anyone reproduce this?

  2. I still have the bug that the buildings are destroyed directly after it is build.
    It only happens to me, when I build near a border, maybe that´s a problem.
    It is at a very special spot close to stone, maybe this is also a clue.
    Just tell me, if I should send you any file.

    1. I did some further investigation.
      Fireplaces work for whatever reason, but walls do not.
      If I place a signpost or a Inuksuk it will be destroyed, but I can still use it (the bubble where i can type in stays)