Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23rd Update

No build update, as I am doing design and animation work this week. The subject is the "Bride of War", Townseed's first actual dangerous monster.

The Bride of War needs to stay moist, so it stays underwater when the sun is up, and it tends to stick to coastal regions. Through a combination of its sinewy tail and its buoyant air-sac, the Bride of War is able to maneuver on land, albeit slowly and carefully. Its gossamer train gives off a soft, sparkling light. Underwater, this attracts creatures looking for schools of fish, but on land the glittering light attracts curious humans and valkain alike.

The dangerous part of the Bride of War is its 'bouquet' - actually a mass of tightly-coiled poisonous barbed tentacles. When it senses movement nearby, it lashes out, inflicting painful lacerations. While not directly lethal, their poison is quite adequate to stun small fish, and to cause larger creatures a good amount of pain.

Luckily for hapless survivors, the Bride of War is quite fragile. Any wound to the air sac will cause the Bride-of-War to be immobilized, and once it is on the ground, it is helpless. Parts of its body may prove useful to discerning craftsmen.

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