Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1st Update

You know what's more fun than staircases?  Monsters.

For the time being (and maybe even forever) I'm going to put aside multi-storey construction and focus on something a little more meat and potatoes. We're going to add Townseed's first monster next, as well as your survivor's first weapon. That's probably going to be a crappy constructable training dummy and a wooden club, but after THAT we're going to add the Bride of War.

Still working it out but I wanted you guys to know what I'm focusing on!



  1. I just randomly happened across your game while looking for Stardew Valley videos. It looks interesting. Do you have an FAQ, dedicated site, or synopsis of your game somewhere? Or is mostly just these blog posts?

  2. You can see more about the game, and even try a test build at I mirror most of the information that goes here on the Townseed facebook account as well.

  3. geremy this game need an official forum to let a community grow.

  4. ps: glad to hear that you are back and this is not dead ;)