Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just a wee bit longer

Perhaps the 10th was too eager a day for me to reach. Between jet lag, home heating problems, and a surprising number of shifts at work (the other girl I work with isn't back from vacation yet so I'm working all her shifts as well as mine) I haven't had a chance to even crack the lid off of Townseed this week. Fear not, things will calm down next week, assuming my coworker returns as scheduled.

Bear with me, and thanks for your patience!


  1. What about adding a small Forum? Just to have a centralized Place for the Community.

    1. I'm certainly not opposed to the idea but that sort of thing is outside my area of expertise.

    2. Would be for having a community member create the Forum for you?

    3. I don't see why not. If someone knows how/is interested in setting that up, let me know.