Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24th Update

Heya survivors!  This week I'm working on adding functional doors to Townseed. They're not finished, so I won't be updating the build just yet, but here's a screenshot of how the barricade-style doors are looking. As you can see, the doors link together with wall segments to form a continuous stretch. I did a LOT of noodling over whether to include the vertically-oriented doors are not. They're comparitively difficult to see but for the door's threshold, and they tend to be avoided in orthographically-oriented games, I assume for exactly this reason.

Ultimately however, I decided that more options are better than fewer, so I'm doing both.

These options aren't very exciting for the barricade-style walls (even less so once I put the windows in) but this is laying the groundwork for future construction objects as well.

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