Monday, May 28, 2012

Townseed Build 0.08

Townseed v0.08
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It's the end of my "crush week" and I got a lot of stuff done in this one! Several new things in this update, so be patient with me as I go over them.

Firstly, and not at all important, a charming "Melting pixels" effect on the title page. Ooooh, pretty.

Women have their own sprites now! Women are no longer drawn with a man's body, though they are often bald, as I don't have many of the hairstyles implemented yet. I only have the "Braguette" outfit for women so far, so all the outfits look the same, but yes, you can make the women naked, just like the men. Enjoy that. There's so much art to create for adding a new body, argh.

Hit detection/footprinting has been completely redone. Items now have a more realistic footprint and do not necessarily occupy the entire tile they sit in. This means it's possible to squeeze between objects that are placed diagonally. This created a bit of a problem where sometimes the player would work "through" an object (Instead of cutting down the tree right in front of you, you'd cut down the tree behind it) so for the time being, you'll get a warning saying "I need more space to work". That's definitely a temporary fix so bear with me.

 NEW RECIPES - Crude Signpost, Inuksuk, Barricade, Campfire

Crude Signposts and Inuksuks are landmarks made of wood and stone respectively. Now, the people will know you were here. Once built, they appear on your overworld and world map so that you can find your way back to a specific location after exploring. If you "work" on a completed landmark, you can write a short message on it, which will also be visible from the overworld (but not the world map), so you can easily write "Jungle trail here" or "Lots of Driftwood!" and be able to see it from a distance! You definitely don't want to put too many of them too close together, or things will get confusing, so use them sparingly, but use them!

Barricades are the first type of wall. Initially, they were going to be destroyed by storms, but I think I'm going to change that to make them more permanent. They have to be built on the ground, and they will not support multi-storey stacking like other kinds of walls. There is also no gate for a barricade as of yet, so in order to be truly secure you'll have to build and tear down a section of wall every time, and that's irritating. Gates coming soon!

Campfires are just what you would think they are. A little burning stack of wood. Animating fire is fun! Right now it just looks pretty, but once I get day/night cycles and food consumption into the game, the campfire will become pretty important, both as sources of light, and as a way to cook food you collect.

That's it for now! I had a blast working on the game this week and I plan to take another week in June to do it again. The funding drive has just about one month left, and we still have $3700 to go, but I think that if we push we can do it! Tell everybody you know! Thanks for your support and stay tuned!


  1. When you place something to be built, if you accidentally destroy the unbuilt item instead of working on it, it is "destroyed". The area is still designated a construction zone, but it becomes impossible to build the zoned item.

    No other bugs so far. Loving the advancements so far!

  2. Oh dear, that's not good. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. something I noticed when I'm harvesting material. I will start hitting the first item, say a tree, if I then start moving while I'm hitting it and continue doing so once it is destroyed, when I reach the next one after it only takes one hit to destroy it and collect the material.