Monday, May 21, 2012

Townseed Build 0.07

Townseed v0.07
(Townseed Test Build)
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Blueprint/Building system! This will give you the earliest taste of how building in Townseed works. Open the blueprint pane (Q or the left trigger) and select your blueprint (presently there is only one so it won't be much of a selection) then place it with the "Work" or "Examine" button. This places the blueprint on the map. You can place your blueprints before you have all the resources, allowing you to plan away! Then, "Work" on the blueprint to turn your resources into a real object. The tables can then be destroyed the same as trees. "Working" on a table will not harvest it. Once the code is in place, that will be how you craft an item on the table.
You can have a number of incomplete projects on the go equal to your ORGANIZATION SKILL plus 2, so 3 at level 1 and 10 at level 8.
Incomplete projects will leave markers that you can use to find them on the overworld and in local view. Completed construction does not, so build it somewhere you won't forget! In the next update you'll be able to build signposts to allow you to see your construction on the overworld.
Some people have been complaining about the ragged smallclothes, so just for you, I've added teeny weeny nudity. I'll have you appreciating your loincloth yet. Naked is selectable as a starting outfit, though it will never come up through random shuffling.
Also to clarify, there will be more complete, less destroyed outfits in the game, but most of those will be recolorable (to match your banner) and that's a new game system that isn't in place yet, so you get the noncolorable ones for now!
For the next update, there'll be quite a few more objects to construct, including the aforementioned signposts, barricades, campfires, and if I can get to it (fingers crossed) a construction post, which is the true heart of how Townseed building works. Look forward to it!

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