Monday, April 23, 2012

Townseed Build 0.05

(Townseed Test Build)
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Changed many control schematics. Details follow.
Cardinal Movement - Arrow Keys, WASD, Analogue Stick, DPad
Cancel - X Key, Numpad 0, Backspace, A Button
High Confirm - R Key, Numpad 7, Y Button
Mid Confirm - F Key, Numpad 4, X Button
Low Confirm - V Key, Spacebar, Numpad 1, B Button
Exit Game - ESC Key, Back Button
Added Persistent gamestate and character saving. Manual saving is no longer necessary, or possible.
Added resource tracking. The Game now remembers how many resources you've collected.
Added character stats to the map screen.
Added Experience accumulation to improve character stats. Experience is specific to each stat.
Added a resolution helper to the options page.
Added debug mode toggle. By default debug mode is disabled. Toggle it with the tilde (~)
Added feedback messages to the bottom of the screen indicating resource gains and various other status notifications.
Added High confirm (destruction) of obstacles.
Female and Valkain portraits have been locked out until their bodies are ready.

1 comment:

  1. so far, i can't seem to be able to use low confirm, as well as my gamepad is not working (it's not a xbox one). Will normal gamepad support and crafting be added in the next update?

    P.S. everything else seems to work good so far, keep it up!