Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Townseed Build 0.04

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The Back button (Gamepad) or ESC key on your keyboard will now quit the game, presently without any prompt. I intend to add a dump save and prompt to this feature in the future.

Addition of the Options screen. Presently three different aspect ratios are supported. On large resolutions, I recommend choosing a matching ratio and enabling fullscreen. Music related options are present, but no music is in-game so they will have no effect.

You can now cut down trees and obstacles with the A button(Gamepad) or the Spacebar. The changes should be persistent, and the game will generate changelogs to track the details. Although all obstacles can presently be destroyed, the game displays a "Wood" effect for all obstacles, and resource gains are not yet tracked.

Created an entire set of animations for the Improvised Axe, and destruction of trees.
Fixed a bit of errant code that was writing an entire array 32 times per cycle instead of only once.


  1. I found a bug. When holding space to chop down trees where no tree is present, eventually the completion animation where logs fall down in front of you play. It stutters the first couple frames of the animation until the key is released, and the stutter seems to continue for a length of time proportionate to how long you hold down space after the animation begins. Unsure if this also happens with a gamepad.

    I did this with a male character in a wasteland area, with taiga trees around if any of that is relevant.

  2. Interesting, thanks for the heads up. I'll check on this.