Monday, February 11, 2013

Townseed Getting Started Tutorial

Here you go! If you're having trouble getting started try this.


  1. I'm still curious how extensive the gameplay will be. I believe the original plan said something about finding survivors and training them as citizens. As well as exploration of ruins, combat and building nations and having relations with others.

    Here are a few questions I've:
    1. Are you planning to mix the terrain types more (or at least expand material node options per terrain)
    2. How expansive the build system will be? I mean will there be also interiors?
    3. What about combat? Are we talking about learning different kind of abilities? Are there stats?
    4. How exactly we can train survivors. Do you mean we can control their outfits. Train them as soldiers, gatherers, builders??
    5. Will we see more civilization type nations where citizens hunt, train units, and consume resources or more minecraft style?
    6. If it's civilization style can we herd animals, train gatherers, develop tech?
    5. When you say have relationship with different nations do you mean player nations or will there also be npc nations?
    6. If there are player nations how are the relationships handled?

    All in all I'm trying to figure out if your goal is more minecraft or civilization. :)

    In all honesty it all seems like a daunting task for one person to develop either way.

    1. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

      1- I will add more if/when necessary but for the time being I think that I've covered the bases.
      2 - A lot more extensive. This is my main focus as of right now.
      3 - There are stats but there are are only a few that pertain to combat, and there will be some combat specific items and spells.
      4 - You will be able to assign survivors to various projects in order to influence their growth. A survivor will sometimes ask for a promotion in his vocation, thus becoming a more specialized asset.
      5 - I can't really answer this question because I have not played Civilization.
      6 - The game will have Ranching and Forraging as available jobs, but I am not planning on including advanced technology.
      7 - As of right now I am not planning on NPC nations.
      8 - This is a very broad question but the basic gist of it is - if you have the same flag you're considered friendly, and the game will prevent you from injuring each other, etc. If you don't, you're considered rivals, and you cannot view each others' blueprints etc, even if you aren't aggressive toward one another.

      My goal is neither minecraft nor civilization.

      And yes, it's a tremendous task.

  2. Whops. Messed up the numbering somewhere. :S